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Tenant Management

Manage. Not administer

In a technical sense, "tenant" is the one who pays a fee to use a land or property together with a series of closely related services, up to services more generally linked to the building, space and person.

Tenant management is therefore integrated management and the consequent provision of services to the building, space and person, linked by an initial relationship of enjoyment of a real estate property or land.

Whether it is a commercial, residential or managerial "tenant", a satisfied "tenant" is more likely to renew his lease and remain to enjoy the leased property.

The idea behind this organizational model is to transform the activity of "administrating", commonly professional (such as that typical of the condominium administrator), into a service, accessible to many (tenants) and provided by a reliable legal entity - unique - organized in Network.

In other words, move from the mere accounting "administration" of properties to the efficient and proactive "management" of the same and integrated services, through the use of an "app" with any smartphone. The new generation of property users (tenants) prefer: usability, availability, transparency and accessibility to services in "smart" format. And this only happens with the use of our daily technology. Timely services, availability and communication are the key to satisfied "tenants" and indirectly to happy "owners".

With "tenant management" we therefore transfer the concept from "administration" to "management"

(through some key services, for example):

- Single point of contact for building, space and people services (dedicated tenant manager);

- Availability through "app" and IT platform on the Internet;

- Pay X use for all dedicated activities;

- Support team of multidisciplinary professionals;

- Tenant drawer (online);

- Guaranteed service levels;

- Pre-qualified and certified suppliers;

- Services dedicated to the person.

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