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Services relating to the administration of the property and the tenant

Main services provided

  • Data management and rental administration, complete rental management with the insertion and management of data relating to an entire portfolio in a single database, for efficient and centralized management of real estate assets.

  • Immediate access to all essential information (types of contract and property, duration of the lease contract, relevant dates).

  • Credit Management: full service property management and lease agreements includes both debt and credit positions.

  • Complete management of the accounts associated with the leases: payments relating to the properties made by the tenants, budget and business plan, revision of the lease payments and ancillary charges.

  • Collection and distribution of rents and ancillary charges.

  • Management and accounting of calories and cooling.

  • Accounting and payment of suppliers.

  • Insurance and claims management.

  • Management and accounting of capitalized expenses.

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