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The digital revolution in the real estate sector. AZZ'o' !

The digital transformation that is changing both technology and mentality in the real estate sector takes concrete form with proptech actions.

The term derives from the fusion of "property" and "technology" and identifies the projects and technologies used to adapt "real estate" to digital reality.

Why are we moving to the "proptech"world ?

A technological development in the real estate sector, in addition to representing a natural evolution of the current economic and social context, is a bearer of advantages for both individuals and companies.

The use of the smartphone is now on the agenda and covers more and more services, such as online shopping, banking transactions and in general the management of most daily activities. In the same way, the convenience and speed of the vehicle leads to the search and selection of a service manager, a property or any single or integrated service through digital channels, allowing both property owners and tenants (tenants) to choose, coordinate and simplify an operation more efficiently.

Global investments in the sector have already reached $ 12 billion and statistics compiled by KPMG estimate that this value will exceed 20 billion in 2020.

For AZZ'o', adapting to new digital opportunities is a strategic competitive advantage, which will increasingly be able to offer targeted and personalized services to customers, whether they are owners or tenants.

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