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What's the difference between us and the others

Our approach - Our services

In AZZoo the values ​​we share, such as safety at work, are at the heart of all our business.

Our integrity keeps us humble and we always have an eye for the customer / tenant.

We guarantee high quality, cost reduction and risk mitigation, as we provide coordinated and personally verified technical services, without delegation or sub mandates.


Tenant services

We have developed "Service Smart - Use Smart" - a philosophy and a program to optimize the offer, demand and use of services and resources aimed especially at users (tenants) - thanks to which we support condominiums and supercondominiums, private consortia and companies (executive or commercial) in their strategy of making services more efficient to the building, to the space around it and to people, starting with the smart "availability" and the development of a supply strategy for the services themselves, through cost reduction and polluting emissions for individual properties or real estate complexes.

Investor services

Our team makes use of the global skills of expert professionals to provide investors with a complete service: development of the sustainability strategy, improvement of the performance of the buildings, consolidation of the reputation with reports and certifications and reduction of the risks related to legislation and plant obsolescence .


The technology and management philosophy used allow us to distinguish ourselves from the competition.


Provision of services that improve the tenant rental experience

Trust us

We are able to intervene in residential complexes or in complex workplaces such as business centers, laboratories and commercial areas, with personalized services based on the geographical location and desired result.

We know that the costs associated with ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of buildings represent among the highest operating costs and in the same way we are also aware of the significant return they can generate in terms of value.

Our team is able to ensure the maintenance of buildings to the highest standards, mitigating risks, implementing safety and reducing costs thanks to lean and efficient processes. Our team is able to assist customers in all aspects related to the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of buildings, recognizing the strengths and peculiarities of each individual building or building complex, regardless of location and size.


Services related to property and tenant administration

Informed about us

Effective administrative management creates value for both tenants and investors, through higher employment rates and the higher incidence of lease renewals with the consequent retention of the tenant.

Building owners who offer efficient services see a natural reduction in tenant turnover.

For tenants, however, renewing a lease in a pleasant place means greater stability and less inconvenience, costs and / or interruptions of work resulting from the move.

For property, higher renewal rates mean higher lease periods and consequently higher overall net operating income.


Optimization of building services

We help you make informed decisions

To optimize the running costs of a building, it is important to know their amount in its 60 years of average useful life. Obtaining the real cost scenario allows to act in a preventive way on the cost areas with greater incidence, through planning, programming, monitoring and control actions. Through contract analysis, development of maintenance plans, consumption calculations and price analysis, AZZ'ò is able to reconstruct the costs of the main categories to manage them efficiently and keep them under control.

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The provision of services with technology


Success is increasingly closely linked to innovation, including digital innovation, in a sector such as the real estate market, traditionally not very inclined to change.

AZZ'ò cultivates "proptech", the integration of technology in the real estate sector which aims to combine management services related to the building, space and people with innovative models.

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