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the first Italian Start Up dedicated to Tenant Management

You must have heard of it before.

Each type of property, if well managed, can become an excellent investment.


Which does not only mean facing and solving the small big problems that can be hidden in every single building or condominium, residential, executive or commercial, but also, above all, means knowing how to create the conditions so that each property can represent an excellent investment, generating profits, thanks to leasing contracts but also to the "cuts" in accessory costs, increasing its value over time.


And there is nothing more true when dealing with real estate. Our team of experts in the real estate sector does not operate throughout Italy, but only in Milan, Rome and Naples. City that knows well and in which it has the necessary skills and experience to help you throughout the "characteristic" process. From the search for the best tenant (tenant), to the negotiation of a reliable contract, to the management of the building, the space that surrounds it and the people who live there. This is the "tenant management" approach, ie integrated management and the consequent provision of services to the building, space and person, linked by an initial relationship of enjoyment of a real estate property or land.


The innovative approach of "tenant management" can be summarized in 5 steps:

1. decode the needs and expectations of the customer / tenant;

2. digitize processes;

3. constantly improve the service;

4. anticipate technological changes;

5. communicate on digital channels.

AZZoo at your service

The amazing real estate management

AZZoo 'tries to always be at the forefront in the real estate services sector by doing everything possible to anticipate requests and exceed customer expectations, developing - first in Italy - "tenant management".


Whether it is a commercial, residential or managerial "tenant", a satisfied "tenant" is more likely to renew their lease and remain to enjoy the leased property.

It is therefore a natural evolution of what in the world of property management is now included in the "property" and "facility" management.

The first, dedicated to the technical-administrative management of real estate assets and the second to the management of services related to the "building", space and people.

Timely services, availability and communication are the key to satisfied "tenants" and indirectly to happy "owners".



Optimization of building services

We help you make informed decisions and above all to make them concrete

We are able to intervene in condominiums, super-condominiums, private consortia and complex workplaces such as laboratories, commercial areas, with personalized services based on the geographical location and desired result, without ever interrupting the provision of services.

property maintenance

Provision of services that improve the tenant experience

It's one of the most requested services, the daily availability on the agenda always runs out quickly. Regardless of the type of property, you can rest assured that we will provide all the resources and indications necessary to solve your problem.


Our team of experts becomes the only interface for "tenant" and "landlord".

Contact us and let's find out together which are the best decisions to make and implement.

Services relating to the administration of the property and the tenant

main services provided

  • Data management and rental administration, complete rental management with the insertion and management of data relating to an entire portfolio in a single database, for efficient and centralized management of real estate assets.

  • Immediate access to all essential information (types of contract and property, duration of the lease contract, relevant dates).

  • Credit Management: full service property management and lease agreements includes both debt and credit positions.

  • Complete management of the accounts associated with the leases: payments relating to the properties made by the tenants, budget and business plan, revision of the lease payments and ancillary charges.

  • Collection and distribution of rents and ancillary charges.

  • Management and accounting of calories and cooling.

  • Accounting and payment of suppliers.

  • Insurance and claims management.

  • Management and accounting of capitalized expenses.

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