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To know us better

Experienced professionals in the integrated services sector

AZZ'o' is a start-up launched in January 2020 by REsolveRE Srl which has already acquired important management realities in the administration of shopping centers, consortia and super-condominiums.

Thanks to the founder's thirty years of experience in the property, facility and building management sector and to a customer loyalty policy, today AZZ'o' is able to respond fully and diversified to the needs of owners and tenants in the main three cities. Italian: Milan, Rome, Naples. - AZZ'o' knows the local market and the typical services of each neighborhood.

By carefully examining the needs of the "client", he manages to create a "tailor-made" service. Our team, stands out above all for its professionalism and friendliness, helping those who like you want to solve "any" problem related to the home, the office, the shop.

Ease of contact and speed of feedback are our "strength".

Our attention to the market derives from a single, powerful perspective: Milan, Rome and Naples are more than just a market, they are our home.


who we are

It was 1998 when Vincenzo Acunto, young general manager of a small company (GROMA Srl) owned by the Cassa Previdenza Geometri, began to codify the figure of the Building Manager, creating what was the 1st Italian Network of Building Managers for many years. spread over the whole peninsula. A couple of years later he developed the first "web" platform "in house" ( later evolved into GRETA) for the management of a complex real estate, consisting of small "assets" of different types scattered throughout the territory national. The Internet was not that of today and modems whistled and were very slow like steam trains. Despite this, the Sicilian and Venetian BMs, rather than the Lombard or Apulian ones, worked with a single, standardized and above all online process to manage maintenance interventions on individual buildings.

These were the two competitive advantages that characterized GROMA's success in the Italian real estate for two decades. In 2003 Vincenzo Acunto founded GROMAsistema convinced of the importance of information systems in management, real estate assets and integrated services. In just under 10 years he has developed various management software and applications, two of which have been awarded by "FORUM PA" (2013 and 2014) in collaboration with the Civil Protection and ANCI. After holding the role of general manager and director of real estate in two other important Italian companies, he perceives the maturity of the sector and the need to turn the page, dedicating himself to what he believes to be the evolution of "property management" or "tenant management" in Italy, founding AZZ'o'.

In recent years, thanks to his professional experience and knowledge of market players, he warns - among the first - the need for a return to the origins, a reference to the concept of intuition personae, however married within an articulated organization and efficient, made up of competent professionals dedicated to the satisfaction of the "tenant".

The new approach will aim to develop services that are not necessarily innovative (such as the common concierge or laundry, car sharing, or the management of common areas: gym, bar, nursery or library; or even personal services such as babysitting or nursing or still fiosioterapici). Services that will have the particularity of being all digital (in the request, feedback and reporting) and intended to conquer the majority of customers / tenants, not only those passionate about technology.



AZZ'o' aims to accompany customers / tenants in the entire process of digitizing the relationship; to motivate users of the service, to manage change and to consolidate the use of "smart" technology in everyday life, entrusting them to the figure of "Tenant Manager". - The "Tenants" put "ease of contact" and "reactivity" in 1st place (88%) among the characteristics sought in a "manager" or better than any service provider.

For AZZ'o' the most efficient way to improve the satisfaction of the "tenants" is therefore the abbreviation of the time between contact and response or action. The involvement of the "tenants" through technology (eg: problem solving, contact, required services, interfaces, etc.) demonstrate how to support the greater responsiveness identified by numerous researches carried out on a European basis.

In these searches, the last place is paradoxically covered by 48% "technical competence", which is almost always promoted by current competitors as the only "true" element of distinction in the market.

WE imagine a tomorrow where with your smartphone and a simple "app", while ordering the shopping and some medicines, you can request a maintenance intervention to repair the boiler, cleaning the apartment, picking up dirty laundry, a babysitter for in the evening and the car to go to the airport the next day; and pay the whole thing by debiting your accounting position from "Tenant", be it rental or condominium.

AZZ'o' at your service

Ease of contact - Speed of reaction - Follow Up - Good Technical capability

AZZ'o' tries to always be at the forefront of the real estate services sector by doing everything possible to anticipate requests and exceed customer expectations.

Through our dedicated "Tenant Manager" we are able to guarantee you full control of the operation and quality of the service provided, so that we can resolve any unexpected events promptly.


Ease of contact - Speed of reaction - Follow Up - Good Technical capability


The innovative approach of "tenant management" in 5 steps:

1. decode the needs and expectations of the customer / tenant;

2. digitize processes;

3. constantly improve the service;

4. anticipate technological changes;

5. communicate on digital channels.

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