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Origine of the name

Meaning of AZZ'ò or AZZoo

Contrary to popular belief, the expression "AZZ 'O'" is not vulgar and does not refer to any subliminal meaning.

In reality the word, widely used especially in southern Italy, has German origins.

In fact, originally (and sometimes still today) the word "AZZ" is accompanied by a pause, followed by an accentuated or prolonged final "O": "AZZ (pause) Ooo".

A similar expression is normally used by the Germans to express amazement and surprise: "Ach, I know!".

It seems that in the German language the word "Ach, I know!" it is used in contexts similar to those used - for example - in the Neapolitan dialect: to express wonder ("Ah, here I was saying!") and dismay ("Ah, now I understand!"). In short, a colorful expression of "amazement" and "wonder".

It is not an imaginative theory or far from reality since the Neapolitan people coexisted - in spite of themselves - with the German one during the Second World War. It was precisely that bitter social contact that made many expressions come in a certain sense, internalized, from the Neapolitan language and brought to the present day. The "Goethe Institut" confirms this hypothesis.

From the meaning of this folkloristic expression comes the idea of ​​creating a brand that creates "amazement" and "wonder" in real estate management and in particular in "Tenant Management".

From the first feedback seems to have succeeded!

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